Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting Older Really Isn't The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done

"To live will be an awfully big adventure." 
― J.M. BarriePeter Pan

I had a phone call from my mom this afternoon telling me that today was my grandfathers last day of work ever. She went on to say that she was a little sad about him retiring because it meant that it was "like the next chapter".  That made me think.  Isn't life all about closing old chapters and opening new ones?

As a kid I remember my mom and my mam (what I fondly call my grandmother) always saying things like "just wait til you grow up" and "one day you'll see".  I guess I always just assumed that once I was old enough, there would be this huge event in which I would become all knowing like them.  Well let me tell you...that's the biggest load of crap ever.  I don't think that anyone really ever becomes all knowing, its more like, all guessing and hoping it turns out OK.

Turning 29 this year really put a lot of things in perspective for me.  I used to think that getting close to 30 would be horrific.  As if all fun things in life would cease to exist. But since I'm now inching closer and closer each day, its really become clear that everything is going to remain much the same.  Of course my 20s as a whole, will be a chapter in which there are several things I would like to forget, but there are some things that happened over the last ten years that have been completely amazing.

Lets see, some of the best things:

  • true love growing stronger every day
  • 2 beautiful nieces
  • Disney World
  • traveling all over the country
  • new besties
I could go on and on, but this is not a wikipedia of my life so I'll just leave it to a few!!

One of the most important things that I have learned through this crazy journey that we call life is that just because we get older, doesn't mean we have to get boring.  I think the older I have gotten, the more fun I have had.  If someone would have told me 10-15 years ago that I would go dancing with my friends at a 80's/90's club into the wee hours of the morning I would have told them they were crazy!  But as I've grown physically, I think I've mentally decided that I'm going to have fun and do what makes me happy.  Its really a great place to be.  

I'm happier in life than I have ever been.  I'm very thankful for what I have and who I get to spend my time with.  I love harder and laugh louder.  If the last 10 years are any indication of how the next 10 years will be, then I say "BRING IT ON 30s"!!!  Lets see what we can get into next!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Carb or Not To Carb...

Throughout my life I have always struggled with my weight. Its something that I've cried about, laughed about, been depressed about; but never really sat my mind to do something about.  Sure, like most women, I've done the fad diets.  Of course I lose at first but as soon as that cheesecake is in the break room, all bets are off.  Those 7-10lbs lost make like a bat out of hell right back to my ass.  I even did the vegetarian thing for 2 years. But as it turns out you can not replace meat with pasta and expect any kind of weigh reduction. 

Very recently I realized that I'm at a very crucial place in my life.  In April I will be 29 (gasp)...the final chapter of my 20s. I feel like at some point in everyone's life there should be this moment when you wake up, slap yourself in the face and try to figure out what you're supposed to do with your life, how you're supposed to be. This next year, I have decided,  will be that moment for me.

It took me a little while to decide what route to take to make this journey the most tolerable.  I thought that I could just get some of those dance dvds and do them twice a day and I would be good. Wrong. I did them exactly once.  So then I thought, I'll just eat lean cuisine meals twice a day and that should totally be enough. Wrong again. I actually gained weight!  

Then I gave up for one week. Ate whatever I wanted. That, too, wasn't very smart.  I felt like crap and my face was breaking out like I was 13. Not cool man, not cool.

So my final decision is to give up the vegetarian thing and start eating meat again and cut the carbs.  I have watched my love do this diet on and off for years and I know it works, but I also know that the first week can be pure hell. 

As I sit here writing this blog entry,  I am currently waist deep in low carb day #1. I currently feel like I'm gonna fall asleep at any moment.  My energy level was great most of the day, but now I'm pretty pooped and I feel like I could eat my way through a food jungle. But I know that if I can just make it through these first few days I will be feeling fab in no time!

I'm not planning to post something about "my struggle" every day. Anyone that knows me knows that's just not my style.  But, I will post sporadically about it because its someting that I think is very important. Also, if my silly little story can help someone else start on their journey, well then I feel like that's a win, folks.  Most women feel that they could stand to lose 5-10lbs, or in my case 100lbs, but don't have the motivation to do it.  Well let this be your motivation if it works for you!  

Love and Good Luck to You!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

So then there was blogging.

I've thought about doing this for a long time.  I feel like I have a lot to say sometimes and maybe I should just start writing it down.  So if you're into random things, this is the place to find them.  I plan to blog about my favorite things and my not so favorite things.  I promise these will get better, you'll have to forgive the first few while I get the hang of this.  Please comment and share if you dig this as much as I hope you will!

Happy Reading!!